Elizabeth Cady Stanton And Judy Brady 's Women Empowerment And Equity

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America is known for being a land of freedom and opportunity for all who reside within. However, throughout history that is not the whole truth. Freedom came with time and effort for those who fought for it. Still fighting in the front lines are women, moreover their impedance, goals, and the want to gain equality. Treacherous roads filled with centuries of misogynic upbringing and glorified objectification, a difficult journey to achieve equal ground for all genders. The words of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Judy Brady emphasized women empowerment and equity; words that will echo on as prime examples for women rights. Throughout the years in America, women were thought as the substandard copies to men and so they were treated as men seem fit. Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “He has compelled her to submit to laws, in the formation of which she had no voice. ( p.557)” Women were just needs for men to rule upon and their say in the matter on anything would just fall on deaf ears. Stanton pointed out that “He” –being misogynistic men- was the leader and governing force on women and their independence as a people, making them more of an objects then anything else. Saying that “He” thinks highly of himself to the point where he is higher than god, giving him the right to break women down in of their confidence, self-respect, and overall standards. That “He” can make the codes of with we all live by as man and woman different to play more in the favor of men. Causing for half of the

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