Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Challenging Religion through the Women’s Right Movement

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Challenging Religion through the Women’s Right Movement

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a powerful writer who believed on the abolition of slavery and that women’s voice should be heard. Stanton, along with other members of the woman suffrage movement recognized how the Christian Church supported men’s oppressive behavior toward women. She realized that women’s position in the Church became so deteriorated that horrifying acts against women became justified and accepted by the public. “The only points in which I differ from all ecclesiastical teaching is that I do not believe that any man ever saw or talked with God, I do not believe that God inspired the Mosaic code, or told the historians what they say he did about
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Elizabeth Cady Stanton also recognized how conveniently the Christian Church has translated “God’s words” in terms that degrade women and clearly create a society where being a woman is an immediate disadvantage. Stanton cites how the language that is used in the Bible is pervasive because it names men as humanity itself and women, the ones created after man, inferior, the ones responsible for bringing sin into this world. Stanton cites in her writing how God in most cases is named as a He, instead of using both pronouns, which once again, advocates the idea that a man is compared to God’s superiority. Her thorough study of the Bible enlightened many who challenged the traditional views of the Holy book, Stanton looked at the Church one of the main institutions that opposed equality in this nation, and therefore accused it of calling the Church civilized when it supported men’s tyranny, taught women that they were inferior than men; therefore, they need to serve them, bear abusive behaviors from men without any challenge or questioning.

Stanton created the Woman’s Bible because she saw the necessity to find the equilibrium in the masculine and feminine forces in the image of God as part of the woman’s rights movement. For instance, Stanton cited the extreme need for a change in the Church if women wanted
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