Elizabeth Cady Stanton : Traits Of The Classic Feminist

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On the other hand, Elizabeth Cady Stanton exemplifies the traits of the classic feminist. Despite her great accomplishments, Stanton came from a rather humble background that provided her with substantial support in the search for equality. Stanton was the "first woman to run for election to Congress and the founder of the organized women 's movement in the United States" (Infobase Learning). Stanton was born on November 12, 1815 in Johnstown, New York. Her parents were Margaret Livingston Cady and Daniel Cady. She received an education at "a Dame School and then at Emma Willard 's Troy Female Seminary, from which she graduated in 1833" (Infobase Learning). After receiving a proper education, she married Henry B. Stanton "with whom she had six children" (Infobase Learning). Henry joined Elizabeth in the fight for equality amongst women and men. Her husband provided her with the needed support in the battle for equal opportunities. Stanton advocated many things, and opposed others. Her views were seen as inspirational to other women suffragists, and helped to bring the controversy over women equitability. The women’s rights movement expanded in the 1850s, but after the Civil War started, many feminists focused on abolishing slavery. They organized a “massive petition drive in the North for a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery and collected more than 400,000 signatures, building momentum for its passage in 1865” (Infobase Learning). Years later, another amendment to

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