Elizabeth Cady Stanton : Women 's Rights

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During the late 1830s through the late 1870s women had little to no rights when it came to certain situations. Some women Such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Catherine Beecher and Mary Livermore all had their different opinions on women rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton who was a woman activist believed that when it comes to marriage a woman should have the same equal opportunities as a man. Catherine Beecher a prominent writer believed that women should have no rights when it comes to abolition societies. Beecher believed that heaven had designated man “the Superior” and women “the subordinate” and that the purpose of life was for men to have the power to protect the women. Mary Livermore a former worker in the civil war always believed women should have the same rights as men. Now that the civil war is over she reflects on how society has changed when it comes to women rights. In the early 1870s “Women demanded that the boundaries of America democracy be expanded to include them as well” . Elizabeth Cady Stanton wanted the idea of equality to be extended into women’s private home life with their family. She wanted the control that men had over their wives to end. Men were already upset that women had equality in the state and the church, they were not ready to recognize equality in the home. Because men were always taught to have higher authority, they believed that they hold the power under any system. Giving women freedom in the household would make them feel less in control.
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