Elizabeth Cady Stanton : Women 's Rights

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a woman that can be best described under a countless amount of titles. She was a women’s rights activist, feminist, editor, writer, abolitionist, and the list continues. Living in a world in which women were made to feel inferior, Stanton utilized this oppression as a catalyst for permeating into male “territory”. Fortunately for her, particular opportunities came about naturally, being that she was raised in a privileged household. Her parents were of high respect in their city, and had the means to provide their kids with formal and informal methods of education. A couple years after graduating from the Willard’s Troy Seminary in 1832, she married her husband, Henry Stanton- a fellow abolitionist and antislavery orator. Their marriage is infamous for the exclusion of “promise to obey” from the traditional vows, due to Elizabeth’s conviction that it translated in both parties not being equal to one another. Even within the confinements of marriage, fortune continued to follow Stanton in her endeavors, because through her marriage she was exposed to even larger pavements of reformation. Stanton was among a group of female abolitionists that traveled to London, England to participate as delegates in the World’s Anti-Slavery Convention. When they arrived to this event, they quickly discovered that meeting’s intentions did not require the presence or involvement of women. The women that attended were neither allowed to vote, or even speak their

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