Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Heroic Qualities

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Introduction- background on mid-late 1800’s and the Civil Rights Movement. Define what it would take to be a hero during that time period. (Thesis) Elizabeth Cady Stanton demonstrated how she was a hero through her passion for women’s rights, her courage to stand up for what she believed, and her ability to overcome the discrimination that she faced all her life. Elizabeth Cady Stanton showed heroism through her strong passion for women’s rights. All throughout her life, Stanton’s actions showed how passionate and determined she was. It was these two things that were the driving force behind everything she did. This passion made Stanton hero because she was willing to go to lengths that no one else would. Though Elizabeth Cady Stanton showed her passion throughout her whole life, it became unmistakable when she was studying in her fathers law office after she graduated, when she traveled to London for the International Anti-Slavery Convention, and when she worked with Susan B. Anthony. Stanton’s passion for women’s rights started to become evident when she studied in her father’s law office. Elizabeth Cady Stanton graduated from Emma Williams Female Seminary in 1833, and then began to study laws and government history in her father’s office (DISCovering Biography 4). While at Judge Cady’s office, Stanton saw a never ending flow of weeping women coming in, all looking for legal help that Judge Cady could not provide. The more women that came in, the more Elizabeth became
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