Essay on Elizabeth Gaskell's "Wives and Daughters"

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Elizabeth Gaskell was the most established female figure in Victorian British Literature. By the time she blossomed into a literary career, she was thirty-eight years old. Most of her novels centered on the plight of the working people in England struggling to survive and dealing with the social stigma of class and wealth. Even though she received harsh criticism from critics for having sympathy for the poor, it didn’t deter her from a successful writing career, nor deny her talent as a writer. In her last work Wives and Daughters; Gaskell implements her satire writing style to examine social issues in England. In August of 1864, Cornhill Magazine published her first novel called, Wives and Daughters.
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When Molly learned of her father’s upcoming nuptials to Hyacinth, she became distraught over the fact that this will alter the bond she has with her father. Without hesitation, Molly expressed her concerns and dislikes of marrying again without consulting with her. After Roger comforted Molly, he address that she should give Hyacinth a chance because hating her accomplishes nothing but discomfort her. Molly returned home to accept her father’s decision to marry Governess Hyacinth. Her father tells her that she’s going to have a sister to love. The news of having a stepsister close to her own age excited Molly. With Hyacinth’s daughter moving to the quiet and dainty town of Hollingsford, it will be turned upside down from her rambunctious attitude and wicked tongue. When Hyacinth daughter arrives to Hollingsford, she wastes no time in getting into trouble. Cynthia is a manipulating person who uses her womanly wilds to lure men into her clutches, only to sever their hearts from their chest and place it on a plate in front of them. No man can resist Cynthia’s worldly beauty, her salty eyes and peach glowing complexion. As she flirts her way through the men of Hollingsford, she zones in on Roger Hamley and starts to place him into her web. Before Molly can say express her feelings to Roger, he noticed Cynthia’s beauty and became smitten with her. Cynthia may have been portraying herself as a single young lady, but
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