Elizabeth I And Later The English Monarchs Essay

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Elizabeth 1
To the best of my understanding Elizabeth I and later the English Monarchs with regard to religious uniformity, believed in, and were in search of a religious settlement that would bring peace for all the people. You could draw the conclusion that this very Act of Uniformity proclaimed by Elizabeth I in 1559 which was actually made up of two separate acts of Parliament, have in part created the religious freedoms we enjoy today. My thesis would be that this religious uniformity would shape a lot of things that would come to pass later on in life, as Elizabeth I ideas and beliefs would set a tone that would shape religion and the beliefs on how to worship that still go on this this current day. One of The act of Supremacy and the act of uniformity, the act of Supremacy re-established England’s independence from Rome, while the act of uniformity established a set form of worship and made church attendance on Sundays and holy days something that was obligatory. This very act would go on to shape some of the laws, and a lot of the thinking behind the way things are still done to this very day. Some of the laws are influence by the act of uniformity... In this time period different religious beliefs were being questioned and shaped, and the act of uniformity was designed to create order so that all the different religious groups could follow a unified religious belief. Elizabeth I ultimate goal was to create and build a stable, peaceful nation
‘’Elizabeth I was a keen
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