Elizabeth I And Two Miscarriages

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Anne Boleyn
Born: Possibly end of May or early June between 1501 and 1507, specific date unknown. Probably born at Blickling (Norfolk).
Parents: Sir Thomas Boleyn, Courtier and Diplomat, and Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk.
Siblings: George Boleyn and Mary Boleyn.
Married: Henry VIII of England. Married 25th January 1533, probably at the Palace of Whitehall. Divorced by her execution on the 19th of May 1936.
Children: Elizabeth I and two miscarriages.
Died: 19th May 1536, Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, at the Tower of London.

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Her childhood was spent as the lady-in-waiting for the Archduchess Margaret before going to the French court and becoming the lady-in-waiting for Queen Mary, Henry VIII 's younger sister. After the death of Louis her services went to Claude for seven years before returning to England in 1522, where a short betrothal was arranged that fell through eventually. She becomes a lady-in-waiting for Catherine of Aragon. After gaining the attention of Henry VIII she refuses to become his mistress like her sister had. Her family and her are showered in gifts and titles. Anne wanted the marriage annulled as she wanted to be Queen before giving in to her but showed a vile temper when it took a long time due to the disagreement with the Pope Clement VII. Anne made many enemies at court due to her behaviour and the way she was given preferential treatment even…

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