Elizabeth I Than Any Other Of The Tudor Monarchs

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Historians have dedicated more biographies to Elizabeth I than any other of the Tudor monarchs. Elizabeth was the only daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Books relating to aspects of Queen Elizabeth I 's life currently run into the hundreds. The time that a certain biography was written is an important factor to bear in mind when reading about this historical figure. Despite that historical facts are unchanging, the historian 's perspectives and interpretations, as well as their styles of reconstructing history often, change with time. This paper analyzes the interpretation of the events that surrounded the confinement of Elizabeth I in the Tower of London by her predecessor Mary I over religious differences.
Alison Weir’s accounts of the life of Queen Elizabeth I seek to depict the monarch 's personal life within the framework of her rule. The facts are majorly drawn from Queen Elizabeth 's literary remains and also those of her contemporaries. Weir 's manuscript was originally called "The Private Life of Elizabeth I," a title that later changed after it became apparent that Queen Elizabeth’s life was not a private affair. Weir also acknowledges that it is not possible to come up with a convincing account of Queen Elizabeth’s life without drawing in the social and political events that made her life fabric. As such, this biography emphasizes the reactions of Queen Elizabeth I to the events surrounding her so as to depict how she managed to influence
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