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What does it mean to be a great president, especially when having to measure up to the high standards set by previous presidents? Upon accepting the role as America’s leader and protector, the president is under tons of pressure to uphold the honor of those of which they govern. With that being the case, the president is encouraged to accomplish as much as they can in their short time in office. At the time of this famed eulogy’s deliverance, the uneventful year of 2004 had been rocked by the tragic demise of a great American president: Ronald Reagan. The speaker, Margaret Thatcher, presents this eulogy at Reagan’s funeral in which she argues the immense impact of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, especially regarding his role in ending communism and providing comfort to nation amidst the devastating consequences of the Korean-Vietnam War, using important rhetorical choices in order to get her audience to see how she might maintain the same characteristics as Reagan - seeing as they were so close - in order that she might become the next admired world leader.
From Thatcher’s perspective, no president better exemplified what it meant to be a president in their prime. It would’ve been typical of Thatcher to express this kind of opinion towards Reagan seeing as she starts off the eulogy making known the close relationship that she had maintained with a great American such as Reagan. This use of the endearment “dear friend” also serves to draw out an emotion in Thatcher’s audience

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