Elizabeth Interrogation Case Study

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Being in the management role can be extremely challenging and overwhelming. You must implement rules after rules and understand varies pf laws. Implement policies give structure to the workplace. Understanding different laws will help you identify discrimination in the workplace. This case study has proved to us the importance of laws and policy. Dogs are loveable and loyal creations but workplaces are not a place for animals to be. I know tons of animal lovers who will argue/debate with my opinion but that’s how I feel. A company should have an animal policy enforced in the workplace. The policy provides health & safety of employees and company facilities by restricting animals in the workplace. The policy provides insight of what’s acceptable and not acceptable. Employees who’s in need of a service animal must obtain authorization through the job accommodation process prior to brining the animal to work. Having a policy in place, will reduce discrimination complaints, health considers,…show more content…
Elizabeth has provided her employer with a letter stating she needs a service animal. Elizabeth is a quadriplegic. Quadriplegic means the individual has been affected by paralysis of all four limbs; tetraplegic. In my opinion the company should allow it. She is limited to normal functions of a regular employee and her dog helps relieve stress. The company doesn’t have to waste money hiring a person to assistance with Elizabeth job. Booth’s doesn’t have to show a certificate of her dog being certified as a service/support animal. Her Doctor’s note should have been good enough reason to accommodate her needs. Under the ADA (American Disability Act) lists carrying and picking up things for a person with mobility impairments can be qualified as a service animal. Also, the animal doesn’t have to be professionally changed. In result, the company can be sued for discriminating against
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