Elizabeth Lorne's Home Analysis

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The six children of Elizabeth Lorne often pay visits to her house and to each other’s houses. For example, on January 27, 1924, Elizabeth’s daughter, Lena Koehler, and Lena’s 15-year-old son, Orval, travel by streetcar from their home in Caseyville to visit Orval’s grandmother in East St. Louis. And within the following week, Elizabeth returns the favor by visiting at the Koehler house in Caseyville. Coming with her is her daughter and son-in-law, Kate and Art Falter and another son and daughter-in-law, John and Emma Lorne.

There are many visits between the Lorne family members. Another example, in July, Elizabeth arrives at the Koehler house with her daughter and son-in-law, Kate and Art Falter, and with Elizabeth’s youngest daughter,
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