Elizabeth Short, The Famous Black Dahlia

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It’s January 15, 1947 the time is 10 am, local Leimert Park, Los Angeles resident, Betty Bersinger was walking down the street with her daughter when she noticed what she thought was a mannequin in an empty lot. With further investigation she noticed it was a real body and she rushed to a nearby house to call the police. So the question is, who’s body was it? The answer?
Elizabeth Short, the famous Black Dahlia.
Elizabeth was born in Boston July 29, 1924 to her parents Cleo and Phoebe Short. Her father left randomly and wasn’t heard from until years later. She left for Miami when she was 16 and grew up there until she was 19, where she then moved to California with her dad. She left him after getting in an argument and spent her time
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Robert Manley drove Elizabeth to the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. This is where she was last seen alive. She is reportedly seen haunting this hotel. Some people say they saw her leave for the Crown Real Bar, but that wasn’t proven. Manley was disproven as a suspect as he returned to San Diego a week before she was found dead and passed a polygraph test. He also took a “Truth Serum” test, or Sodium Pentothal where he “truthfully” stated he didn’t kill her. In 1954 he was admitted into a mental hospital for “hearing voices.” Mark Hansen and Elizabeth were very well known with each other. Elizabeth stayed in his house for a while. He was one of the last people who was heard from, by Elizabeth. One of the items the Avenger sent was actually belonging to him and with that he became a prime suspect. Many believe Hansen and Elizabeth were involved romantically, even though Hansen had a girlfriend at the time. Hansen died of natural causes and no charges were ever put against him. Before we get to our final suspect I’d like to note that over 50 people have confessed to killer her, but none were proven guilty. Many people also think a women was the killer. People think, that because the body was so heavy, the murderer couldn’t move the body so she was cut in half. A bunch of people have also called in and said their relatives were the killer.
Our final, and most promising suspect is George Hodel. George was very

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