Elizabeth Vallance Journal Analysis

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The Vallance Journal by Elizabeth Vallance is about the hidden curriculum of public schooling and how it has grown to what it is today and how it was created throughout the centuries. Schooling was initially created as a form of social control and a place to teach family values. The initial goals of the hidden curriculum are identified as the inculcation of values, political socialization, training in obedience and docility. Schooling would soon replace family and tradition. Education was considered a “remedy”. Also an important aspect is “the hidden curriculum became hidden only when school people were satisfied that it was working” (pg 78). Hidden Curriculum can be known as student teacher interaction unit, classroom socialization, maintenance of class structure.
The time periods discussed were colonial times, revolutionary war, civil war and industrialization. In general, school was created because parents had to work on this new land and were too busy to take care of their kids. The job of a teacher was to teach the kids the three r’s (reading, writing, arithmetic). Teachers were utilized to teach the students family values. It is quite clear even
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This affects teachers, because they have to choose if they want to continue with the hidden curriculum or they want to fight against it. What I learned from “Hiding the Hidden Curriculum” is that it was not discovered right away and when it was it was pushed under the rug because it was benefitting the schools. On page 77, it states “it is hidden only in the sense that the function of social control goes unacknowledged in current rationales for public education”. This means that today the schooling departments are aware of the fact that a hidden agenda for children does exist but they do not want to make it clear because it was helping them. When teachers limit their students creativity to further their agenda of teaching
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