Elizabeth Wein 's Code Name Verity

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“They have sent me here because I am so good at telling lies. But I have told the truth.” (Wein 200) She’s known as Verity by her superiors, Queenie by her friends, Julie by her family, and Officer Beaufort-Stuart by those who have imprisoned her. Born as one girl out of many brothers in a Scottish castle, she later became an adventurous woman supporting the British War Effort, and finally, a broken spirit captured by the Gestapos. What they want? Every scrap of information she can give them. What she wants? To make the pain stop. As Officer Beaufort-Stuart writes out her twisting tale, the reader uncovers more and more of the truth, and lies beneath those truths. We all want to know what happened to Maddie, how Officer Beaufort-Stuart was captured, and how they’ll be reunited. But the truth isn’t what we’ll expect, and it soon isn’t the only thing we’ll want. Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity is a story of how two girls, who are only a blip on the monitor of World War II, can still have a massive effect on the world around them. What makes this book so unique, and complicated, is that it is a frame story, which is a story within a story, and it’s told in medias res, which means it starts in the middle. The whole book is a journal written by Verity, where she is in custody of the Gestapos. Her task is to write all that she knows of the British War Effort, and how she came to be in Germany-Occupied France. So as the book progresses, we learn not only about her past, but

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