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It is hard to find that one person in the world that you can always relate too. That one friend knows your personality and perspective. In the book Code Name Verity written by Elizabeth Wein, we see a unique and very special thing of friendship. This amazing friendship we get to see is between two girls, Maddie and Julie. Because of their job and missions, they are both required to have code names throughout the book. These girls know exactly what kind of trouble they would get into if any code name was given away and most importantly, the trust they would break from their friendship. The reason why we see Maddie and Julie have such a strong friendship is because of the time spent between them and the amount of care between the two. Julie…show more content…
The plot to me on page 69 was all about Julie pretty much “I wish I gotten to know you better” in a love and gay tone. But once I saw it used again in the battle field, she shows more of a “loosen up, everything will be alright” set of tone. Once I had reached the end of the book, everything started come together and make sense of what Julie was trying to say to the audience and Maddie, “I’m going to go out in a bang and these are my last words.” From the last time the quote “Kiss me hardy!” was said on page 295, it was hard to focus on the final pages of the book because the plot took a complete turn on me. Wein did a great job on covering up the plot twister throughout the book that behind this quote.
It was tough to tell when Julie was telling the truth on where they are from. Before being told the truth on where they are from and what kind of culture they grew up around, it was tough to determine if they were gay. When a girl say’s “kiss me” or any other affection words, people tend to think of it in a positive sexual way. In this case, Julie is saying it to Maddie. When I girl says it to another girl in America they are usually gay or just messing around with them. Because of not knowing important information about Julie, it is tough to determine how she meant it. After listening to an audio book off of youtube.com I got a much better understand of how Julie said it. After talking in class about the truth of being from England in 1941 and

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