Elizabethan Fashion Essay

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Elizabethan Fashion

The Elizabethan Era was a time that reflect the mood and values of the 16th century though the use of fashion. It was a period in which a lot of originality and creativity was evident was used to create new styles of dress (Black & Garland 16). The Fashion in Elizabethan England at this time reflected the values and Ideals of the era. It was an Era that based everything on the Great Chain Of Being; which was a concept that everyone had a position in the social standings of society that was given to him or her by God (Leed 1). The
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The foreign look was the look that society wanted to achieve during the Elizabethan era, for it reflected the values of Queen Elizabeth, who happened to be the ideal women of the era. Things that are not controllable sometimes have an influence on society that is not expected. One effect that should have been expected was that Queen Elizabeth would have an impacted on the society that she gave her name to. The one thing that wasn't expected however was the extent to which Queen Elizabeth would influence fashion. Queen Elizabeth was passionate about fashion and she spread her love for it through out the kingdom. One of Queen Elizabeth's talents was her ability to use any situation to her political advantage (Boucher 17). She wanted to be seen as a person with power and capability and she thought rich cloths would help obtain that opinion. The rich fabrics and jewels displayed incredible wealth, power and prestige (Leed 1). Wealth and power were not the only thing Queen Elizabeth achieved with her wardrobe. She had a great fondness for foreign dress and this had an incredible
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