Elizabethan Masquerade History

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“She will hide all you wish to see about her sweet soul, like breathing and living in a masquerade ball you will fall in love with who she is beneath her mask, and somewhere in the night be her escape, and watch her soul because even with a mask her eyes give her away.” (Cheyenne Rain). In the Elizabethan era those of high social classes hosted these extravagant parties that consisted of décor, food, dancing, music, and dramatic shows usually referred to as masques. These shows that took place at the masquerade balls displayed usually in verse. Even though some may see it just as entertainment masques and masquerades changed the way of a nation, because it allowed people to teach, be taught, and see others views thus forming and changing one another causing a change in the people.…show more content…
Why would one wear a mask? When at such an event usually an upper-class member would perform, the mask allowed them to share feelings and be honest with their audience. It kept them from having to expose one’s self. You would hope to find an elaborate and dramatic costume as that would have matched the scenery. When preforming a masque, they were not only disguised but sometimes they were portraying a mythological figure to clearly demon straight their point of views. When one decided to attend one of these social upper class events it was okay for a woman to attend whether apart of the upper or lower class. However, if you were not a part of the upper class you were not allowed to perform but only attend. As for men, they did not have a rule on lower or upper class
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