Elizabethan Society Problems

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In the Elizabethan society many problems occurred as a result of the country changing during that time. Many problems of the problems are intertwined with another affecting each other equally making them harder to deal with. The main problem faced in Elizabethan society was the changing population, during the 1300 there have been up to 6 million people living in England and Wales. However the population naturally decreased, deaths began to exceed births due to diseases such as the ‘black death’ and bad harvests, despite this population began to increase from the end of the fifteenth century and continued to grow throughout the whole period. Overpopulation is not a problem that can be solved easily and England had a problem dealing with…show more content…
This meant that younger people had nothing to do which was a whole different problem in its self. Inflation meant that people were expected to pay more for resources and items that they needed, as the prices went up wages stayed low. The government failed to recognise that poverty may be unavoidable, instead of helping they made laws in strict punishment if caught begging. Source G was a description on different types of poor people available in towns and how its changed. However local authorities set up a way to tackle poverty, for those deserving of charity local authorities organised collections of voluntary donations which they shared amongst the sick, elderly or other impotent poor. This however was enforced by government in 1572 Poor relief act making donations compulsory. However idle poor were still punished by whipping and houses of correction but ultimately people in poverty were being helped. In terms of which problem was the hardest to sort and created the most problems it was overpopulation and managing the change in population which affected the country the
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