Elizabethan World View Research Paper

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The Elizabethan World View and the Great Chain of Being The Elizabethan World View was widespread in England during the Elizabeth Era from November 17, 1558, to March 24, 1603. This Era is well known as the Golden Age in the English History where discoveries and development were happening.

Many significant historical events lead to the Elizabeth Era. This era was named after Queen Elizabeth I, who was the ruler of England. She is known as the Virgin Queen because she never got married. Before this era started, in 1553, July 6, King Edward VI died of disease and gave the throne to Lady Jane Grey. On July 10, 1553, Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed the Queen of England but she was deposed after nine days. Then, Mary I of England succeeded to the English throne and tried to restore Roman Catholicism. In 1555, Queen Mary burnt 300 stakes with the Protestants and she
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The Music of the Spheres is a belief where the universe was made up of transparent crystal-like substance spheres within each other. The spheres or planets create sounds in harmony as they move, which shows how the universe works together.

The Divine Right of Kings is a belief that is related to the Great Chain of Beings. The king is God's chosen representative on Earth. Those who oppose the king will be tortured resulting painful death.

The Signs of the Zodiac is a belief that your birthday determines what you would be like. The fortunes of everything is affected by events in heaven.

The Four Elements and the Four Humours is a belief that everything was made from the four elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. In human bodies, the counterparts are Blood, Phlegm, Melancholy, and Choler. The four humours determine the mood of the
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