Elizabeth's Short Story

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About two centuries ago, Mary Elizabeth of Kilmallock told news reporter, Diane Jennings, about the six-centuries-old psychotic leprechaun her and her friends accidently released. Elizabeth’s story went viral around town for months, no one knew whether to believe it or to believe she was psychotic herself. She was new around town. Her father, Henry Hickem, had just helped her buy a new house in Kilmallock, Ireland. Both Elizabeth and her friends had just finished college at the time and were going to live in the new house. Elizabeth never pictured her first day living in her new house to turn into the most frightening day of her life. It all happened on March, 17, 1745 on Saint Patrick's day. Elizabeth and her two friends, Michael Woodberg and Josefine Pettersen, were moving into their new home. Woodberg had been painting the exterior of the house all day. While Peterson and Elizabeth fixed the furniture in the house. The day before they had arrived in town there was a thunderstorm which left behind a beautiful rainbow that was visible the next day. Peterson…show more content…
They told Elizabeth to show them where she put the cauldron. Elizabeth did not believe them but took them to the kitchen where the cauldron was, but it was too late the kitchen was a mess and the coins were missing. They all rushed outside to Elizabeth's car attempting to leave the house, but the car’s engine had been sabotaged by the leprechaun. They panicked and ran back into the house. Woodberg called the police and told them about the leprechaun who had entered their home. The police officer laughed and hang up. Petersen saw that the leprechaun had forgotten one gold coin and gave it to Elizabeth, as she searched up online what she could find about leprechauns and their weaknesses. She found that out that four-leaf clovers were leprechauns weaknesses and could kill
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