Eliza's Transformation in Shaw's Pygmalion Essay

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Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is a play that shows a great change in the character Eliza Doolittle. As Eliza lives in poverty, she sells flowers to earn her living. Eliza does not have an education. This shows through the way that she does not have the most proper way of speaking. This happens through when Eliza is speaking to the other characters when she meets then when she is still at a low level of poverty in her life. To understand the reasons Eliza is able to change and be changed into an almost Cinderella like character. With Eliza going from and growing and changing through the hardship she faces. In the play Eliza begins with no confidence and works towards having a way to reach trough from learning during her life…show more content…
Showing ideas about Eliza’s problems how she begins with limited freedom then shows her strong will and changes into a Cinderella like character. When meeting the people who will be in their future who they soon meet while still living in the society standards of poverty. Showing the poverty, which Eliza comes from is that Eliza is a poor flower peddler, someone who is selling flowers, who is only ending up having her flowers damaged by Freddy. Eliza cleverly is able to convince the mother Mrs. Eynsford Hill to but the damaged flowers. When this all begins this the first low point of Eliza’s and she dose not know it is her beginning of a new way of life. All before Eliza is chosen as the subject to be transformed in to a duchess like person: Liza (picking up a half-crown): Ah-ow-ooh! (picking up several coins) Aaaaaah-ow-ooh! (picking up a half-sovereign) Aaaaaaaaaaaah-ow-ooh!!! Freddy (springing out of a taxicab): Got one at last.... Freddy: and left me with a cab on my hands. Damnation! Liza (with grandeur): Never mind, young man. I’m going home in a taxi. (Shaw Act. 1 pg. 15) Cinderella is first seen sitting in her ashes having feelings of misery and sadness (Ulanov 3). “She is, with whatever degree of natural or supernatural significance we may want to endow
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