Ellen Degeneres Satire Essay

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As Anne Frank once wisely stated, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” (citation???). She probably was not thinking of satire in entertainment when she wrote this, but I think it fits perfectly. Satire is a technique that aims to reform society, often times through humor (I used parts of definitions from pdf… how do I cite it). There are popular television shows that employ this technique in order to better the world. In Ellen Degeneres’ daytime talk show she satirizes politicians through a skit that pokes fun at people who are against issues such as: gay marriage and reaching across the aisle. The Ellen Show is famous for its humorous interviews, monologues, and skits. In one particular segment, Degeneres pretended to be candidate in a 2016 Republican Presidential Debate. This statement alone proves the use of farce because it is both improbable and…show more content…
In this skit, she imitates a serious situation, the presidential debate, in order to comedically ridicule it. For example, one of the moderators asks the candidates what they would do in order to win enough independent and democratic support to become the next president, to which Degeneres responds that she would “support both sides of the aisle.” The other candidates look angry or confused; then, she claims that the “best support” is Ellen Underwear and they all nod their heads in agreement. This satirizes people who are followers and just go along with what other people tell them. It also satirizes politicians against reaching across the aisle because it appears that they do not have a good reason to be unsupportive of this. Degeneres is making a statement that a politician has the potential to be more successful if they are willing to work with everyone. All of what Degeneres says is lighthearted, however the audience understands that she is working to reform

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