Ellen Farquharson's Mary Kay Career

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"She never wavered in doubt or disbelief but believed God's promise (for a successful business). In fact, her faith grew stronger (as she worked daily), and in this she brought glory to God. She was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises (through her)." Romans 4:20-21.


God has promised you unconditional love, abounding success, good plans for your future, complete forgiveness, he crowns you with love and tender mercies, He fills your life with good things, and most importantly he has promised that you can do ALL things through Him who strengthens you! (from Phil. 4:13, also Psalm 103). My motto: "I do my best and let God do the rest" AND "Work as if everything depends on you knowing that everything depends on God." Quit telling God how big your mountain is, and tell your mountain how BIG your God is.

Are you getting my point? As you work your business, you will gain confidence, achieve a more
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She became a director in the minimum time and was the #1 Dean's List in her debuting class Nationwide, receiving a beautiful blue topaz Dean's List ring. She has earned 4 company cars in her Mary Kay career, 2 of which are the beautiful Pink Cadillac, for which she takes $900 a month to drive her brand new silver CLK Mercedes. Ellen has been in the Queen's Court of Sharing every year of her business, once in the top 20, once in the top 5, and most recently as Queen of Sharing for 2006 Sapphire Seminar- for which she won a gorgeous 3 carat Bee pin, a 5 carat Pink Tourmaline ring surrounded by 2 carats of diamonds, and she has also earned 4 beautiful bumblebee pins. Ellen has been in the Circle of Excellence 3 times, once in the $450,000 circle. Her highest paycheck has been in excess of $17,000 for ONE month. She is so proud to have such powerful offspring directors in her area, and is on a mission to grow her area to 30 Directors immediately. Her passion is
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