Ellen Moore Case Study Essay

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Ellen Moore: Living And Working In Korea A female American consultant Ellen Moore has to face different problems working in Korea as a project manager. The Korean project Ellen is managing is month behind schedule. The tensions have arisen between her and her Korean co-manager, and the Korean project director Mr.Song is blaming Ellen for the problems.
There obviously are differences between American and Korean culture. Some of the differences in relation to the Hofstede’s Framework: The Index of Power Distance is much higher in Korea (60; hierarchical society) than in America (40). Korea is considered as collectivistic society (Index of individualism = 18) contrary to very individualistic society – USA (91). The Masculinity Index of
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However Ellen – a female consultant - had much more skills and experience leading such projects than Jack had. This could probably be one of the reasons why Jack seemed uncomfortable working with Ellen.
One of the typical Korean cultural / communicational feature is that people do not tend to ask questions and they usually respond affirmatively even they have not clearly understood everything. Therefore it was difficult for Ellen to be sure if the passed knowledge is learned fully.
The project has run into problems also because of human resources aspect. Jack had no experiences neither in SI projects nor consulting projects. Still he was confident about his knowledge and did not find it necessary to seek advice from Ellen as she has the required expertise. 2. What are the alternatives and what should be done to get the project back on schedule?
As the project is one month behind schedule, the team should be informed about the drop behind. The importance of the deadlines should be emphasized. They should re-plan how the project would be implemented from this point forward. They must set priorities and tasks how to complete it on time. They should set targets both short-term (for example, in a time frame of 2-3 weeks) and long-term (for example, in a time frame of 1-1.5 month) so it is possible for everybody to follow the progress of the project more accurately. The team should be motivated to work harder to
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