Essay on Ellen Moore in Korea

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1. Conflicts Analysis

The troubled situation of JVC can be attributed to the major conflict between Ellen and Jack, causing another aggravating conflict occurred consequently.

a. The major conflict was between Ellen Moore and Jack Kim, with the following symptoms:

- They had controversial issues "during the first few weeks because they were clearly stepping upon each other's territory". Ellen understood that she was the co-project manager with Jack, but Jack believed that he was the sole project manager for SI. In fact, the Korean team members always followed Jack's instructions which are different from Ellen's. Even, Jack got angry when, upon coming back from business trip, he saw that the team members just followed Ellen's
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b. The aggravating conflict was between American top-management (represented by Andrew) and Korean top-management (represented by Mr. Song) in solving the situation. Both believed that what it wants is incompatible with what the other want (mutually exclusive). The American side blamed Korean consultants' lack of experience for the problem of behind the deadline, while the Korean side blamed Ellen's capabilities. This conflict was also a dysfunctional conflict as it harmed the company's harmony and business. If the management could not find a solution to solve conflict, the company would fail to meet the deadline, which might totally kill the company's reputation.

* Here, the company did not have an appropriate conflict control and solving system. When conflicts happened, instead of making prompt and suitable conflicts solving actions, the top management came into another conflict. Even they were facing the probability that an inter-group warfare will occur between the American side and the Korean side.

2. Suggestion to Solve the Conflict between Ellen and Jack

To solve the conflict between Ellen and Jack, Andrew and Mr. Park (or even Mr. Song) should play the role of mediators. As the mediators, they could do the following:

- Firstly, the mediators should listen to each person's side of story. The purpose is
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