Ellie Barber Westernization

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Although these big companies are largely to blame, we (as Western society) also contribute to the toxicity. This is because many of us still follow a neocolonial mindset. We see the influence Westernization has had on the Kaufpur society. As well, we also see the effect outsiders like Ellie Barber and journalists have had on the people of Kaufpur. Although they have good intentions, their actions and words may do more harm than good. Throughout the novel, Sinha makes clear the importance of taking the time to understand people and where they come from. It is also essential to learn about what does and doesn’t work for the community. This is the first step towards engaging oneself in the political and social struggle of the other. We are violent…show more content…
The intent was to give free treatment to community members suffering from gas-related illnesses. Ellie is desperate to help the people but becomes frustrated when they refuse to go to the clinic and seek treatment. Her frustration, annoyance, and confusion are apparent when she shouts “Hey, Animal’s people! I don’t fucking understand you!” (Sinha, 2007, p. 183). Although she is talking about not understanding why people are not accepting her help, there is, in fact, a deeper meaning behind that statement. Her savior mentality leads her to pity the poor and the unimaginable living conditions of Kaufpur. She unknowingly mistakes these sentiments as a sign of respect. In a conversation with Animal, Ellie voices her disgust over the scorpions that live in the walls in Animal’s home. Animal is quick to call her out on her Western views, saying “what really disgusts me is that we people seem so wretched to outsiders that you look at us with that so-soft expression, speak to us with that so-pious tone in your voice” (Sinha, 2007, p. 184). Ellie, like many of us growing up in Western society, is detached from the struggles happening in places like Kaufpur. We often see these problems behind a glass screen. We feel bad and wonder what we could do to make the world a better place for victims of
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