Ellie Litvak Analysis

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Ellie Litvak's best goal in life is to become a professional Chef working in New York owning a 5 star restaurant. That is what Ellie Litvak would see in the Mirror of Erised. Ellie Litvak wants that more than a phone or a hamster, so that shows a lot.This is her dream When she see’s herself in the mirror she can see it coming true in real life. She can imagine that she has a giant restaurant that Is a five star rating. Ellie see’s that she is getting asked to go on chopped by Alex Guarnaschelli. She can’t believe it she is getting sucked into the Mirror that’s all she thinks about.She can just tate the image it appears so clearly to her.Ellie knows it is only her heart's desire ,but She can just feel it so now she really knows that it can
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