Ellis Island and Angel Island Immigration Essay

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Ellis Island is a small island located in the Upper New York Bay. Angel Island is the largest island in the San Francisco Bay in the state of California. Ellis Island served as a national immigration station from 1892-1924. Angel Island was an immigration station from 1910-1940. Both Islands helped America grow by opening their doors to the world. Immigrants who came to America now had a chance to achieve their own dreams and to start new lives. The country was new, the government was rising up and it gave immigrants an opportunity to succeed. Life was still going to be hard but people now had a chance to accomplish their dreams. Some immigrants came to America because other governments were failing or because they saw potential in…show more content…
In the book Life on Ellis Island, Rebman says, “Most immigrants could afford to purchase only steerage, or third-class, tickets. The steerage area comprised the decks below sea level where the steering mechanisms were located” (Rebman, 18). It was not cheap to come to America. Some of immigrants had to sacrifice a lot to make the trip but they took the risk that life would be better in America. Ellis Island and Angel Island presented an opportunity for success. People that wouldn't normally have a chance to succeed got to come to America and start a new life. Carl L Bankston talks about the travel to Ellis Island, “Doctors took one glance while immigrants go to the second floor. This was known as the "Six-Second exam" (Bankston, Carl L, 179). Rebman also talks about Coded Chalk Marks, she says, “A chalk mark drawn on the shoulder of an immigrant’s jacket or on his lapel indicated a wide variety of abnormalities. This system of coded chalk marks quickly identified immigrants needing further examination. Illness and medical problems were the most frequent causes of deportation. More than a dozen letters were used to indicate possible problems; for example, B: back, CT: trachoma, E: eyes, H: heart, L: lameness, Pg: pregnancy, Sc: scalp, X: suspected mental illness (a circled X meant definite signs of mental disease had been observed)” (Rebman, 24). There were a lot of problems with the boat travel, environmental changes, and
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