Essay on Ellison's King of the Bingo Game

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Ellison's King of the Bingo Game

Ellison's 'King of the Bingo Game' encompasses a variety of different implications that transform an otherwise sad short story into a political statement regarding racial injustice towards African Americans. Ellison's use of colors, slang phrases, names, irony, and his almost constant use of metaphor change otherwise meaningless sentences into poignant testimonial of disparity. This exceptional use of language, in conjunction to the hardships African American's faced at the time of the stories conception allow it to paint a picture of inequality and prejudice that insight insanity into the main character.

As the story begins Ellison?s main character, the man who remains nameless is described as
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Also he writes that the man is surrounded by the darkness of the theater, consumed by it, and with the white light ahead and on stage he is alone, and lonely in the darkness, playing the game. These are all references to how invisible and alone the man is.
When he actually wins bingo the story goes from metaphor to reality. As he steps on stage the men on stage berate him with racial slurs, as does the crowd. They call him ?boy,? and say that ?he?s one of the chosen people.? People yell, ?Are you all-reet,? and the announcer says ?So you decided to come off that mountain to the U.S.? All of this confuses the man because he is so consumed with the desire to win the money that he can not understand they are making fun of him. He cautiously grins, knowing that they are probably making fun of him, but he is consumed with his own anxiety.
What he does understand is that the spin is his only chance to bring life back to his only companion. The thought of loosing the spin and the money makes him believe that his life will become unlivable if winning is not the outcome. He unconsciously knows that he must win, or Laura will die and he will become completely alone and helpless. As these thoughts cross his mind he pushes the button, and the process of spinning the wheel begins. Blood rushes to his head, and immediately his sense of reality disappears. The spin will determine his entire outcome, or so it seems, and the
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