Elmore The Navigators : Analysis

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Elmore begins this adventure into mentoring providing us two definitions. The first, later attributed to Dawson Trotman of The Navigators, is strategically investing in the lives of a few people now who will be able to benefit greater numbers in the future (Elmore, 2012, Kindle Locations 137, 349). The second definition he shares gives the process a personal feel, “a relational experience through which one person empowers another by sharing their wisdom and resources” (Elmore, 2012, Kindle Location 144). The succinctness and complexity of these definitions encapsulate the framework to which Elmore returns throughout. The key elements revealed here are relationship, investment, process, focus, empowerment, and multiplication. These elements…show more content…
So, is it still worth our time if only one-third of the mentees reproduce themselves? Even if only 4 people follow through and mentor 12 more people each time, at the end of six generations, the return on the original investment of 12 people was still of over 15,000 people or an average yearly return on investment of 21,000%. No one should turn down an investment opportunity like this. In fact, the reason I have invested 21 years in the lives of students is due to the investment someone had made me. Once we buy into the process, the next logical question is what does it take to prepare to be a mentor. Elmore warns that if one waits until feeling prepared, then likely, no one would ever be mentored (2012, Kindle Locations 1038-1039). If we refrain from sharing our knowledge and experience until a particular level of proficiency is attained, we deprive future generations of the foundation already available to empower them as effective leaders (Elmore, 2012, Kindle Locations 1041-1043). This is reminiscent of a conversation with my father about being prepared for children, the ultimate mentoring relationship. He assured me that we were as ready as we would ever be and waiting to feel prepared would only result in never planning to have children. Unfortunately, many potential mentors fail to ever reproduce themselves because they never feel prepared. After making his case for mentoring, Elmore advocates for
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