Elon University Student Analysis

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Throughout my college search, I have been looking for a school that possesses the qualities that are of utmost importance to me. I want a medium-sized school that acts as a “tight-knit” community with excellent academics and limitless opportunities. Upon entering Elon University for the first time, I felt as if I were home even though I was miles away from Uxbridge, Massachusetts. During my tour, I saw all those qualities in Elon and I was able to envision myself growing as a student and professional. I have never been able to conceptualized myself anywhere else as strongly as I did here. The acorn tradition at Elon University truly captured the essence that the campus exudes. The idea of being presented with an acorn as a freshman then…show more content…
The many clubs and organizations I could be a part of would give me the capability to expand my leadership skills and would help me become a pioneer in innovative thinking. At Elon, I would be viewed as a person, not a number. Because of small class sizes and the emphasis on the individual student, I am reassured that my professors will be there for me throughout my academic successes and failures. I felt valued and encouraged to broaden my horizons while I was exploring the campus on the tour. It is not easy for me to partake and contribute in classroom discussions, which has caused me to struggle throughout my academic career. Upon meeting the faculty with whom I could potentially be engaging with, I knew I could exceed my knowledge, grasp the ideology within the classroom by relating it to the outside world, and grow as a student and professional. Elon University is the university for me, which is why I am applying for Early Decision. I cannot see myself elsewhere and if given the opportunity, I could improve myself in many different aspects of my life. I knew I was home at Elon University and I know Elon will assist me in the developmental process of my future
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