Elsa Burner : Character Analysis

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to develop self-growth and strengthen his own character. Overall, Mitchell has transformed from being a nervous wreck into a person who was at ease in the moment and never spends another second wondering what will happen next. Sometimes when fear comes around, our coping mechanism is to compress it and hide from it. It may be in disguise, but our fears can become transparent even if we try our hardest to cover them up. Elsa Burner is known as Mitchell’s colleague back in Chicago, she suffers from a rare genetic syndrome known as Brugada. When Seattle was struck by a devastating earthquake, Elsa saw the live footage on the screen showing the “incoherent flashes of flame, glass, metal, sea” (7). With the sudden rush of panic around the room and people crying, this stimulated Elsa’s fears and caused her to get a Brugada episode. Elsa seems to have deep fears about natural disasters and catastrophes, similarly to Mitchell. Shortly after her incident, she decided to drop out of college and started living in Starling, Maine (11). She isolated herself to a place that has no internet connection nor cell phone reception; it reveals that she is running away from technology, where she does not have to see natural disasters nor hear about catastrophes. By doing this, she is not able to live her life freely where she can be comfortable with the surroundings and environment.When Mitchell and Elsa started exchanging postcards, Mitchell obsessively tried to dissect her messages and
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