Elsenborn Ridge Turning Point Analysis

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Everyone has heard of the Battle of the Bulge, but what many people do not know is the turning point during World War II took place at Elsenborn Ridge. During the summer of 1944 Adolf Hitler devised a plan to get the western forces and their Allies to “accept a separate peace” (Cavanagh, 2004), so that he would be able to turn his focus to the Russian forces they were advancing from the east (Cavanagh, 2004). Hitler’s idea was if he could cut the major supply line to the area the United States and Allies would have no choice but to succumb to his terms (Cavanagh, 2004). At the time of the German planning they knew of only the 99th Infantry Division that occupied the Ardennes region that cover a stretch of approximately 21 miles, but what they did…show more content…
In December of 1944 the Germans started their advancement on the region, and on 16th December would mark the start of the 10-day battle for Ardennes region. During this paper, we will be discussing the events that unfolded, and how this battle became known as the turning point of the war. In the end of this you will have a clear understanding of how the German attack, German advance stall, impact of the war, and equipment and tactics were crucially to the United States and Allies success during World War II. So now that I have given you some general back ground on the Battle of Elsenborn we will continue to enlighten you on the events that unfolded during this battle, in hope that you find this article as informative as we have. Remember the following during this essay (Fuller, n.d.) “Artillery conquers and infantry occupies”. During the battle of Elsenborn Ridge the German Army faced frequent difficulties in their attempt to advance on allied positions. On December 18th Peiper’s 1st SS Division Leibstandarte
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