Elvis Presley Addiction

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Elvis Presley,though having a troubled childhood would not have expected anything that headed his way; He was a normal child who’s family was struggling to make ends meet. His father was incarcerated for doing illegal activities making difficult for young Presley to wish for something more. As he grew up, Presley was involved in the schools singing service, and had participated in the fair singing contest winning second place; thus showing Elvis’s love for singing . Although after graduation,he simply believed that he would work as a truck driver; therefore there may have been the possibility of him never coming to be known as the kings of Rock. Having recorded several demos on the side at a local studio, Presley was given the opportunity to perform with several musicians, kick starting his career. This day,1954, embarked the great journey of Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” whom becomes a sensation across the world.Though many people believed that Elvis’ music was “vulgar” and a “bad influence” more people lavished themselves in the Kings music and still do to this day. Though with his success in music, not all parts of him were all inspiring; his addiction to drugs led to him dying early into his career but not before making history. Elvis’s grandeur was widely influential as shown in his music, performance on tv, and his lifestyle. Rock and Roll became the essence of challenging every day social norms as well as forming new ones in place; starting the era of
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