Elvis Presley : An American Legend

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Brenden Blakney Lit II P.9 Elvis Presley Biography On the 8th of January in 1935, Gladys Presley (mother) and Vernon Presley (father) gave birth to twins. One of which is an American legend known as Elvis Presley, and the other Jessie Garon was stillborn. That left Elvis growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi as an only child in a working class family. In Tupelo Elvis’ family had many relatives, close by such as uncles, aunts, and grandparents. His family had little income, but Gladys and Vernon did all they could to provide for the core of their lives- Elvis. Ever since Elvis was a young child, he felt guilt, and always wondered whether or not he had smothered his brother in the womb. “The loss of the baby-and the inability to have…show more content…
Sam introduced Elvis to two other musicians, Scotty and Bill. They played at many small clubs and were booked many small gigs. Elvis and his crew were becoming a sensation, playing on many television shows and starts starring in movies. Elvis performs in Hawaii for the first time, and is also his last public appearance before entering the army. When Elvis was drafted, it hit him and his family very hard. His father and grandmother came to live in Germany with him. “They rented a three-story, five-bedroom white stucco house in Bad Nauheim.” (Mason, 86) Although Elvis was nearly at home, with his family in Germany with him, he worried tremendously that his singing career was over, as new music came out, and he was banned from singing. “The Colonel wouldn’t let Elvis give any performances while he was in the Army. He didn’t want Elvis performing for free. Elvis wasn’t even allowed to sing at the talent show on the troop ship carrying him overseas.” (Mason, 89) After seventeen long months, Elvis was discharged from the Army on March 23, 1964. Finally, Elvis is out of the Army and is going on with his daily life. While in the army, Elvis was very depressed and started taking pills that his fellow friends had. When he was stationed in West Germany, he met his future wife Priscilla Beaulieu and became dependent on stimulants and barbiturates. This unhealthy addiction eventually led to his divorce, and ultimately his death at age 42 in 1977. After his release from military
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