Elvis Presley's Impact On Society

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Elvis’s family relocated soon after he was born to Memphis, Tennessee and that was where it all began. The “King of Rock and Roll” starter his music career there in 1954 with a label named Sun Records. Sam Philips was producer to sign not only Elvis himself but also his guitarist, Scotty Moore, and his bassist, Bill Black. The trio started going on tour that same year starting at the Bon Air Club. Elvis preformed with a style that was the first of the kind. His provocative hip thrusting and sexual performance’s had never been seen before. It turns out the nation went crazy for it. Within a month of starting their live performances Elvis and the crew were appearing at Overton Park Shell, with Slim Witman headlining. Two years in to his contract after dumping Black and Moore he…show more content…
Sixteen million copies of the holiday album were sold making it the best-selling Christmas/holiday album in the United States. Twenty-one months after “Heartbreak Hotel” he releases his tenth number one tune named “Don’t”. On January 8th, 1957 Elvis was classified as 1-A and was told that there was a good chance he would be drafted that same year. On December 20th, Elvis Presley received his draft notice. Being that he was in the middle of filming “King Creole” he was granted deferment until he finished. That following March Elvis was signed up for the Army. This event was a huge deal for the nation as crowds flocked in to watch him entered Fort Smith. While serving the country he recorded five songs and suffered the loss of his mother. Gladys Love and her son had a very close relationship, talking frequently to share laughs. While in the Army Elvis was first brought aware of amphetamines by a sergeant. He thought they helped with strength and weight loss and encouraged many of the platoon to try them as well. Presley donated all of his Army earning’s to charity and bought TV sets for everyone on base. In the time that he was away overseas he met a young teenager named Priscilla
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