Elvis Presley's Influene on American Culture

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He holds the record for the most gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications of any artist in history. Elvis also holds 149 charting pop singles,114 top 40’s, 40 top Tens and 18 Number Ones.

The remainder of this essay will looks at how Elvis, through his music career, had a major impact on culture. This new culture that was to emerge in both the USA and indeed the world would shape a new generation of both young and old. His influence on black and white American culture caused a lot of racist riots because of the mingling of black and white people. The popularity of Elvis also led to a transgressive position with respect to racial and sexual boundaries. White cover versions of hits by black musicians often outsold the originals, it seemed Americans wanted black music without black people in it. A southern background combined with a performing style largely associated with African Americans had led to what Tan Magazine called, “bitter criticism by those who felt Elvis stole a good thing”. A black southerner in the late 1980s even captured that sentiment “to talk to Presley about blacks was like talking to Hitler about Jews”.

In 1957 a magazine printed a lie about Elvis, they accused him of being vulgar and of being deliberately sexual, but they did not mean this. This was a cover up for what was really feared and…
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