Emage Wages : Advantages And Benefits Of The Minimum Wage

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“The minimum wage was designed to create a minimum standard of living to protect the health and well-being of employees” (Legal Information Institute, 2017). In 1938, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) minimum wage law was passed. The minimum wage was also a tool for US employers to budget for employees, and a tool for the employee to budget their personal finances. Employers advertise their job openings and this is how they attract prospective employees. One of the items that may be listed with an advertisement for an employee is the wage. If the employer wants to fill the position they must offer competitive wages and benefits. Depending on where this employer is located this amount needs to be researched so that it is the legal and appropriate amount. Not only will this amount pay the employee, this amount also needs to be afforded by the employer, so they can profit and stay in business. Most employers want to keep their employees happy. Employers also want the best employees, this is what makes their business thrive. Offering a higher minimum wage helps give some businesses an edge over competitors. Employees stay in jobs or careers where they are treated well. This translates to customers that see the same happy employees when then visit establishments. Your employee is the first person your customer sees, this is a reflection of the employer and the business. “Raising the minimum wage does not reduce poverty” (Sherk, 2007) “Census data show most minimum wage workers are neither single mothers nor poor. In fact, poor single mothers comprise less than 5 percent of all minimum wage workers, and almost 55 percent already earn wage rates greater than $7.25 per hour, the new higher federal minimum wage rate” (Arlinda, 2007). According to Sherk (2007), the majority of poor Americans do not work at all, for any wage, so raising the minimum wage does not help them. The majority of people earning this minimum wage must be restaurant workers, unskilled laborers or entry level employees. Research shows raising the minimum wage creates a healthier population. “DaeHwan Kim found additional evidence that low wages predict increases in obesity in the Panel

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