Email Marketing Of The Real Estate World

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Despite the emphasis placed almost daily on social media marketing, email marketing in the real estate world still leads the way when it comes to converting leads to actual clients. Emphasis on converting. While social media platforms like Facebook are important tools to have in your marketing arsenal, they do better to engage and keep your followers informed on a consistent basis. But when it comes to making that pivotal decision to sell, it’s email marketing that wins more. So what’s the meat and potatoes of a good email marketing campaign? Have a Plan It’s a good idea to have a strategy when it comes to email marketing. First and foremost, your email should be timely. If you just sold a home and want to encourage leads to sell theirs,…show more content…
You can do this by asking a question that your email will answer, stating a shocking statistic or using a (little) bit of humor. The goal is to play to emotions and either answering or even creating a need that compels the reader to keep going. Style It Out You don’t want to take away from your message and images, so creating a simple email and using a tried-and-true template through your email platform can help you devise an attractive and organized email that people will like to read and interact with. Make sure you use consistent fonts and sizing, highlight headers in bold and, in general, make it easy for your reader to navigate. You can start with a simple header with your logo that includes your image (using the one on your website is simple and will help streamline your branding across all of your marketing). A good use of white space makes it clean and easy to read. Create Value Your email should be worth reading, so state it prominently, from the beginning of your email (subject line) until the end (call to action). Plainly state it in the email (i.e. don’t dance around it). Have someone read your email before sending to see if they understand the value that you are offering. If they don’t get it, go back to the drawing board until your message is clear, succinct and compelling. Some key ideas for the value your email can provide: Timely Important Emotional Beneficial Newsworthy What do you specifically hope that your reader will get out of your
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