Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership

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Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership
Heather Hargrave
August 8, 2014
Steve Kovak

Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership There are many individuals that confuse the roles and responsibilities of managers and that of a leader. While managers and leaders both have many common characteristic, the roles and responsibilities within a company are defined differently. The purpose of this paper is to go into detail about these different responsibilities within a company. A leader can be both formal and informal, for the sake of this paper it will be more geared towards explaining a more formal leadership role. Additionally a personal experience will be included to assist in this understanding.
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When a manager is guiding employees in completing tasks managers may need to provide additional training. It is the job of the manager to decide whether or not more training is needed and make contact with those who can provide additional training. Management may also need more assistance when completing tasks. Management will then need to hire more employees. Mangers are responsible in the hiring and firing process. This part can be the most time consuming part of fulfilling a goal (Weaver, n.a). Management styles are different according to the individual or determined by the company itself. Autocratic style of managing is one of them. In this style a manager does not take into consideration any ideas or suggestions of subordinates. Managers that convey this kind of style rely only on the ideas of his or her own and employees are to carry out tasks dependent upon the exact directions of the manager. Most of the time employees lack motivation to work with these kinds of managers (Management styles-Meaning and different types of styles, n.d.). Paternalistic style of managing is different than that of the Autocratic style. In paternalistic style of managing, the manager will take into consideration of subordinates suggestions and feedback. Policies and how things are directed are decided upon the best steps to benefit the employees as well as the organization. Employees
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