Emancipation from Damaging Early Years

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While mental and emotional factors are important, the physical factors are just as key in emancipating yourself from damaging early years. Negative memories from a childhood in which physical needs were not met can easily influence a future. Children with these memories often go on to create unhealthy relationships, unattainable goals, or a life with no purpose. Motivation can become more difficult as time goes on due to lack of results in one’s life as well as a lack of true satisfaction. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and acts of drug or alcohol abuse in the child’s presence can make a lasting impression in one of two ways. Either the child must make the difficult choice at a young age to rise above such things or they must continue the cycle of living a life of despair as their parents did before them. Liz’s friend Chris chooses the latter, and Liz must leave behind her friends, her family, and her home for a better life. As seen in these examples, children who witness traumatic situations are forced to grow up and gain wisdom beyond their years. For those who choose not to live a life like their parents’s, the next step is starting on the long journey between a rough childhood and a triumphant adulthood. In this modern day and age, education is stressed at a very young age. From the first day of kindergarten, we are taught how to read and write so we can learn bigger and better things. Some preschools offer private daycares for gifted or highly
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