Emanuel Medical Center

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Introduction This paper strives to answer questions based on the case study “Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the Health Care Industry”. As excerpted directly from the case study, Mr. Robert Moen, Emanuel Medical Center (EMC) president and CEO, was experiencing a number of challenges in 2002. The medical center faced numerous challenges in its external and internal environment. First, EMC garnered an onslaught of negative attention for the “Haley Eckman incident” in which a young man, who happened to be a gang member, died within view of EMC’s Emergency Department (ED) medical personnel rendered no care and watched. The emergency department at EMC was also experiencing greater pressure to deliver services in an increasingly…show more content…
Second, he has the option of merging with a competing HMO. This option would have both a positive and negative impact. It would offer a little more flexibility for EMC to more effectively matchup to building competitive pressures in its external environment. But, it may also mean that the current organizational leadership might be forced to relinquish operational control. From a strategic perspective, in order to address its organizational needs, EMC stands a better chance if anchored to a larger, more financially and structurally sound medical entity through the option of a merger. Benefits would include gaining increased bargaining power, the improved ability to retain its best and brightest, a “longer reach” in attracting quality personnel from all around the state or the country at large and a better position from which to compete for customers. Moen also has the option of closing the ED. However, this would also have both positive and negative effects. The strategy would alleviate a vast majority of EMC’s glaring problems concentrated around the ED; two of which the ever-worsening challenge of a nursing shortage and retaining its quality nursing staff, as well as decrease the financial burden EMC carries from providing
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