Emanuel Medical Center Situational & Decision Analysis

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Emanuel Medical Center
Situational & Decision Analysis
James T. Onisk 4/29/2012

Table of Contents Situational Analysis Appendices External Analysis Appendix A: S.W.O.T. Analysis Appendix B: External Trend/Issue Analysis Appendix C: Environmental Trends/Issues Plot Appendix D: Stakeholder Map Appendix E: Service Area Profile Appendix F: Service Area Structural Analysis Appendix G: Service Area Competitor Analysis Appendix H: Critical Success Factor Analysis Appendix I: Mapping Competitors Appendix J: Synthesizing the Analysis Internal Analysis Appendix K: Financial Analysis Appendix L: Value Chain Strengths and Weaknesses Appendix M: Value Chain Competitive Advantages Relative to Strengths
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Since most specialty procedures are inpatient services, EMC’s inpatient occupancy rate suffers. The occupancy rate for Emanuel Medical Center – fifty percent – is far below that of its competitors and industry benchmarks. To accompany this, EMC (on average) receives a lower reimbursement for in-patient Medicare services per patient seen in comparison to its competitors. A result such as this is correlated with directly to the fewer amount of specialty services that EMC offers. In order for Emanuel Medical Center to be able to compete with other hospitals in its service area, it is imperative that EMC evaluates what services they currently offer and are capable to offer in the future to add value to the hospital, increase its revenue stream, and expand its patient mix. Currently, Emanuel Medical Center has not succumbed to its increasing financial pressurealthough EMC has had a negative operating income for five straight years. A negative operating income places EMC at a disadvantage because it limits the hospitals ability to renovate its aging building or hire new specialists to offer revenue enhancing procedures. EMC’s competitors, on the other hand, have large sources of revenue due to their mergers with large healthcare networks such as Catholic Healthcare West. Another competitor, Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center, has extremely large financial resources due to the fact
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