Embargo In Brazil

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Brazil isn’t by oneself responsible of modern slavery, there are global policies in which all countries in the global market must follow and enthuse to keep boundaries. ( An article about the updates of foreign trade, define International trade policies as a sense of control and awareness when two nations make business. Global trade has been around since the earliest stages of colonization connecting Asian markets through the Mediterranean Sea 2,00 years ago. Ever since this source of income has emerged, it has been controlled by a set of standards called Trade Restrictions to keep equity. Some of these trade restrictions include tariffs, sanctions, etc. The way these restrictions work is by making the consumer…show more content…
This can be only done through affirmative action. The argument would be that if one of Brazil’s trading partners like the U.S or China were to set an ‘embargo’, the problem of human trafficking would disappear. An Embargo is an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country. It would seem ideal to the subject at hand knowing the significance of Brazil’s exporting market to its economy. However, this solution is not as easy as it sounds. One of the earliest examples of failure through this plan is the Embargo Act of 1807.( An article about the historical time period in the U.S, at the commencement of the nation’s independence, it was still a relatively developing economy and had to take affirmative action when England and France has a continuous war that had potential effects on the global trade market. The Embargo Act of 1807 prohibited all foreign commerce in order to bring peace amongst the foreign powers Great Britain and France. This act of sovereignty caused the U.S to go through an economic deceleration and nothing was resolved in the outcome. A more recent example is the embargo between the U.S and Cuba in the 1960’s. According to ( this situation has cost Cubans the ‘access to technology, medicine, affordable food, and other goods that could be available to them if the United States lifted the embargo.’ hurting the U.S economy as well. An embargo may have a good purpose and could spark controversy into the resolution of labor exploitation, but it hasn’t been proven to work under our international trade system which relies so vitally on each other’s
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