Embarrassment And Brain Pruning

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The brain, one of the most vital parts of the body, does many things to help in people’s daily life. It helps to interpret information and controls everything that happens in the body, even while sleeping. However, it can cause many effects on a person’s attitude and mood and can cause the threat-detection system to react. In society, the teens and kids don’t always have to fit in or be in a big group, but still have the fear of getting rejected, making each one’s self-esteem lower. This activity is known as embarrassment. Teens and kids throughout the world get it every day between school, social media, and even just in the middle of the public. Embarrassment is caused when seeing the world changes in teens brains as the hormones power up. From the day kids start learning things all the way up until they die, brain pruning occurs. That happens when the kids, teens, and adults use some of the information originally learned as a baby or very young kid, and it gets lost and put away until starting to use the information again. The two major differences between embarrassment and brain pruning is the effects they leave on people and what the process is in both. One major difference between the two is that embarrassment can leave a negative effect as to where brain pruning can leave a positive effect. To begin, embarrassment has been known to leave a negative effect as many teens start to get older and start to feel more physical pain because of their brains changing through

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