Embarrassment Of The Family Name

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embarrassment to the family name. Akhmatova seems to have a struggle though. She complains that her and her husband, Nikolay, cannot have a normal life due to their careers, and she longs for a normal family life. This is something that is commonly seen today, where working mothers must struggle between making money and having a career and devoting time to their families. Nikolay blames Akhmatova’s career on their abnormal family life, and she complains that he does not give her enough affection. He openly admits that he cheats on her and claims that his affairs are part of her muse. Later, it is also revealed that she has written a poem praising Stalin in order to save her career. She has conflict in both her personal life and her art. She appears to be somewhat unreliable and unsure of what she wants. She cannot decide if she wants a family or a writing career, and she gives up her independence as a writer to please Stalin. Stalin eve apparently refers to her as his “whorish nun,” clearly showing no respect for her as a person or an artist. Akhmatova is placed in many unfair circumstances, but it is hard to admire her when she changes positions and complains about choices she has made. Ludo is Alexei’s current wife in the 1930’s play, and she appears to be a superficial character who submits to her husband in most situations. She praises her husbands works greatly, and mainly cares about his works to ensure that they will maintain their wealth. Ludo claims to have no

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