Embedded Journalism and War Reporting

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Embedded Journalism and War Reporting Dion E Jones University of Phoenix COMM 220 Maureen, Duffy M.A. May 13, 2012 Embedded Journalism and War Reporting Journalism covers the principles of reporting in different circumstances such as the time-based news as in press conferences or untimely news of crisis, disasters and conflicts. Even though the reporting objectives are vast, and the journalists are expected to perform their duties without any fear or bias, it is the responsibility of the journalists to observe certain ethical considerations. At times, what journalists consider their responsibility may…show more content…
In such a scenario, the integrity of the profession of journalism comes into question. Any acts of bias by the journalists may adversely affect the profession of journalism. Therefore, the question of ethical considerations takes a very serious turn with regard to war reporting. Journalists need to be sure that the information being imparted is precise and accurate and it does not disclose any confidential information. Journalists must also ensure that the sources from which the information is being collected are credible and the risk of misreporting is acceptably low. Debate on War Journalism The extent of war journalism is still contentiously debated, and mostly due to the same reasons as previously mentioned, i.e. Safety, Security and Strategic disclosure. International journalism has comprehensively dealt with the coverage of war and this is because of the dramatic nature of conflicts. The trend of sensational reporting has been observed to be on rise in the recent past and this practice compromises on the professionalism of journalism. As mentioned already, the main objective of journalists is to impart the true and necessary facts to the media consumers; however, the recent wave of sensationalism and commercialism has diverted professional journalism in a completely new direction. Stories which are considered

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