Embedding Essay

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In What Way Does Reporting Restrictions Challenge the True Coverage of War? My dissertation will be looking at the censorship of the media during war predominantly in active conflict zones. I will look at the military’s policy on embedding and how it came to be implemented. In covering this topic, I will produce examples of embedding, specifically images produced by photojournalists in these environments. Alongside this, I will investigate how the embedding process occurred and the varying results it has produced. Two types of reporting will be explored the first being the alliance between soldier and photojournalist and how this can alter the photographic work a photographer produces. For this very example, I will look at examples from…show more content…
With limited access due to short periods being stationed with troops in camp and on missions, the reporter was forced to obtain information from military briefing rooms. In 2003 the Iraq War broke out and unlike the previous Gulf Wars, the military had expanded its embedding program. In which news outlets took advantage of this opportunity resulting in hundreds of journalists being embedded. This resulted in an unfavourable divide within conflict reporting. There are two sides. First that of the embed who is within the military and the other being the unilateral's who is often accredited but unembedded. The unilateral has freedom and the independence to select what they want to shoot. In opposition, the embed is confined to the military’s set route. Thought the unilateral is seen to be a nuisance due to their freedom of their movements so the military restricts their movements because an area has already been designated to an embed who takes priority over the unembedded. Shoot First and Ask Questions Later, 2006 is an analysis of the Iraq War and the embedded press and is supported by a vast amount of research. In the book, a range of people are interviewed from military personnel in both the U.S. and U.K. military as well as the embeds and unilateral’s which results in a greater understanding of what embedding is. Both sides are shown as well as the intentions and opinions of covering both types of reporting.
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